1. What is Raise My Head Foundation’s Mission?
The mission of Raise My Head Foundation is to provide a safe residence away from damaging influences related to a woman’s former life. A large array of support services are provided with the intent to give the women, who have significant history of prostitution and chemical dependency, opportunity for healing, growth and transformation.

2. What is the Vision of Raise My Head Foundation?
We envision an impact on the greater Wichita community as a result of empowering women who have suffered abuse and have lost identity and voice. We hope the impact on the wider community will be greater awareness of the cultural role in these abuses and a movement towards justice, healing and reconciliation.

3. What services does Raise My Head Offer the Women?
Raise My Head Foundation has collaborated with The Women’s Recovery Center and the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center to offer wrap-around services including therapies in anger management, conflict resolution, addiction, health care services, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additional services of GED completion and life-skills (including cooking, sewing, baking, and money management) are offered by outside programs or volunteers of Raise My Head Foundation.

4. How is Raise My Head funded?
Raise My Head Foundation does not take any state or federal funding. We are funded through individuals, community organizations, and annual fund-raising activities. We will adopt an annual fund raiser. Raise My Head Foundation has collaborated with a professional grant writer and grant writing will be a continual endeavor. The social enterprise will supply funds to the program as well as employment opportunities to the women of Raise My Head.

5. What is the probable capacity of individuals in the program at one time?
Originally we plan to host up to eight women – two women to a bedroom with a shared bath in a home for two years. Additional residents will be added as the program adds homes.

6. What committees currently exist?
There are several ways volunteers can plug into Raise My Head Foundation. Committees of Event Planning Team, Social Enterprise, Program Development, Volunteer Recruitment, Marketing and Communications, and Housing and Décor committees are currently formed. Additional committees may be formed as needed in the future.

7. Is Raise My Head Foundation going to provide outreach services to individuals who are not living at the residence?
There are no plans to offer services to women who are not residents in our RMHF committee at this time.

8. Are there individuals or companies that are willing to help with renovations/repairs on a home after purchase?
Yes! Many professionals have volunteered services of renovating, repairs, home décor, painting and landscaping the homes of Raise My Head Foundation.

9. What criteria are you looking for in a future residence?
The ideal residence would have 4 bedrooms and 4 baths with a large gathering/eating room and communal kitchen that is on the bus route in a neighborhood that will support our initiative.

10. What are your current short term and long term goals?
The short terms goals include building awareness/support and purchasing our first home. Program development will be a short term goal as it will be needed/required for the residents for healing. The long term goals include the development of the social enterprise with a possible store front that will help the women build a resume for eligibility for entry level employment. The development of an executive board is also a long term goal of Raise My Head Foundation.

11. How does one become a RMHF Board member?
If you are a person with a passion for our mission, you are welcome to join our developmental board. The executive board will be by invitation only.