Residential Program.

Come, stay with us…

Our residents are 18 years and older. The women share in recovery and are supported within a healing and highly structured community, based on a 1500 year old Benedictine Rule of Life that has been widely adapted to a variety of modern day communities. Although the women do not have live-in staff to supervise the residence, the rule and expectations of the various phases, provide a supportive structure. For two years, we offer housing, food, medical and dental needs, therapy, education and job training without charging the residents or receiving government funding.

Trafficked women range in age from as young as seven to women in their 50’s, but the trauma endures for a lifetime. Many have been sexually abused, raped, and beaten. It is not uncommon for trafficked women to begin using alcohol or drugs by the age of 13. Typically, a trafficked woman will have been arrested on average 100 times, or have spent about 12 years on the street. Treatment for any addictions are initiated prior to coming to the residence or admission to the program..

We help women create skills that better prepare them for employment after they’ve graduated the two-year program.

Modeled after our successful sister program in Nashville, Tennessee, it is anticipated that 72% of the women who join Raise My Head will graduate approximately 2 and 1/2 years after beginning the program.

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