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Boots and Barrels, Give Trafficking the Boot / RMHF Gala 2018

Save the date for the 2018 Gala!

Saturday, September 22
Fulton Valley Farm
5079 SW Fulton Rd.
Towanda, KS

Cottage Industry Events

Cottage Industry vs. Social Enterprise; What are we talking about?

As a Social Enterprise we make goods for sale that will benefit the women residents involved in the foundation. The Cottage Industry products will be defined by the women and work under the Social Enterprise umbrella. The name of the Cottage Industry will soon be define by the women.

The Cottage Industry is a fun place to work with the women of the foundation, be they residents or volunteers. We are more than just a place to make things to sell. We work with our residents to help them learn job skills they can use in the future. There are opportunities to design products & labels, procure the materials, manufacture goods, package then present and market the end product. The women will learn about rules and regulations pertaining to specific products, be they related to food or shipping. All time spent with the volunteers and associates of RMHF will allow the women to build a resume for their future employment.

Raise My Head is blessed with some very talented volunteer seamstresses that make products that you never knew you needed until you received one as a gift or used one in your own home. Some of the items they have designed or made are elegant bags to hold all your plastic bags, spa bags and neck relaxers, casserole carriers, thick aprons, tech perches (to hold your phone), bowl cozies to keep your fingers safe from hot bowls and cup cozies (to keep your fingers from being scorched with McDonald’s coffee).

We also provide some crafting opportunities. Do you like the rustic look of barnwood signs? We have some great ideas you will need to come help assemble.

Our hope is to break into providing food products. At this time we do not have a facility to work from for wholesale goods. We found a pro bono Architect to provide a feasibility study and design for the building of our dreams. Soon, we will be needing help in the areas of sheetrock, finish carpentry install of basic plumbing and electrical work.

We can be found at craft shows, farmers markets and speaking events.

Contact 316-304-6177