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What is new at Raise my Head?

  1. We are so excited to say that we are working to build programing into what we already do.  We have added so many therapeutic and fun things.  The survivors have voted, and the best program to date is equine therapy.  One of our young ladies had never ridden a horse before and on the second time we rode she was able to take the reins and ride herself.  The pride and accomplishment was so overwhelming that she rode around yelling out “look what I am doing, look what I am doing.”  I am not sure there was a dry eye in the arena.
  2. We have just admitted another survivor to our family.  She has been here a full week today.  She is working on settling in and adjusting.
  3. Our Fundraising committee is very busy planning our Fall 2023 Fundraiser.  We have so many fun things planned.  Don’t miss out.  More information to come soon.
  4. The Survivors that we have in the house are working very hard.  Each survivor has been here for a different amount of time which means that they are in different stages of healing and growth.  Each survivor has a individual guided care plan and program.  By structuring the program this way we address each individual need and not assume that all will have the very same needs and reaction to their trauma.