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Support Survivors With A Gift

Sex trafficking is a crisis both globally, in Kansas, and specifically in Wichita. But we believe there is hope. We believe restoration is possible and that love is greater.

With your end-of-the-year gift, we can give hope to more women, who are living their best lives because of supporters like you.

We will continue placing graduates from our residential program into safe, secure employment in our community. Your donation will offer 5,200 hours of employment training and experience to our residents and graduates, and it will give them nearly 3,500 safe nights in our residential home.

We are so blessed to have been able to help many women on their journey to heling. However, the sad reality is that countless women still endure unimaginable abuse. Your giving will help our ministry expand and help more women.

Thank you for demonstrating that love is greater!

Raise My Head Foundation

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