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Coming This Summer

Sometimes in the midst of dark, difficult times, a bright light shines. This is indeed the case for the women of Raise My Head Foundation right now! We’re thrilled to announce plans to reopen our online store on Monday, June 1st! Along with that reopening will come one very exciting development: The Wichita Area Builders Association (WABA) will be providing us a new, expanded space for us to craft our handmade bath and body products!

The New Space

The approximately 1200-square-foot space, to be built on our existing residential property, will free up the house kitchen and allow the women in our program some much-needed breathing room, both in the house and in the expanded facility. The space will be built in keeping with the style and construction of the house, with minimal disruption to the landscape. While we did have to remove one tree to make room for the expansion, we’re confident the rest of the trees on the property will be able to remain.

You've Got Questions

We’ve heard a few questions and concerns from folks who live near our house, and want to reassure all of you that this won’t mean an explosion in traffic, be it foot or vehicle. No more than five women will be working in the space at any given time, and as always, the products will be sold online only, not directly from the building. Although the opening of our store brought more frequent visits from FedEx and UPS trucks, we don’t anticipate these to increase due to the facility’s expansion. We also don’t foresee the alley being an access point for large vehicles during construction. We and the women we serve are grateful for such a wonderful neighborhood and lovely neighbors, and we look forward to continuing our great relationship with them!

Huge Thanks to WABA

We are beyond grateful to WABA for making our dream of an expanded facility come true. We believe this new space will provide even greater opportunities for the women in our program to gain valuable employment skills and experience, and we’re thankful for the chance to reopen and expand our online store. We anticipate both these blessings to result in new and improved product formulations, greater offerings, and additional funding for our programs and services to help women break free from lives of trafficking.

Thank you to WABA, our neighbors, and our generous supporters for helping us in our critical mission to show women that love is greater!