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Volunteer Spotlight: Saundra Rogers

Showing women survivors of trafficking that love is greater is the heart of what we do. It’s the core of every facet of our ministry. But it’s something we can’t do alone. Every day, we and the women in our program depend on selfless volunteers who give of their time and talents. One such volunteer is Saundra Rogers, who helps us in a wide variety of ways. We’re so grateful for her, and we’re thrilled for the chance to introduce you to her!

Saundra is a retired Kindergarten teacher who, since leaving the classroom, has sought out volunteer and service opportunities. “I believe that is a part of one’s calling as a follower of Christ,” she tells us. Saundra became connected to Raise My Head Foundation through her friendship with our founder, Vicki Bond. “I was immediately drawn to Raise My Head’s purpose and mission to help women find a path of recovery,” Saundra says. “Through Raise My Head I became sensitive to the plight and problems of trafficked women. This stirred my heart to assist these women in their courageous journey.”

Saundra helps our ministry in many different ways, including coordinating teams from her Sunday School class to do yard work, painting, clean-up, and other chores at the residential house. She also enjoys being available to provide transportation for the women in our program when public transportation is either unavailable or impractical. “An ongoing need that has often occupied my time—as my husband will attest!—is keeping an eye out at garage sales and seeking donations to help furnish the house with beds, desks, chairs, lamps, kitchen utensils, and whatever else the women might need to help the house be their home,” Saundra says. In addition to all this, Saundra is part of event planning committees, including our annual fundraising gala and celebrations when women graduate from our two-year residency program.

Showing the love of Jesus to women who may have never experienced it before is at the heart of everything Saundra does. “I pray every day that the women are blessed,” Saundra tells us, “and that whatever small or insignificant thing I or another can do will help them find a path ‘home’ through Raise My Head.  I am thankful to be a part of the community of volunteers that have been inspired to surround and support Raise My Head Foundation.”

We are so grateful to Saundra and others like her who make our mission possible, who help provide hope and healing to survivors of trafficking, and who work every day to show these women that love is greater.