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Immediate Needs

Volunteers Needed

  • One of our biggest immediate needs is Volunteers! Volunteers are needed for transportation of our clients to meetings, errands, shopping — HIGH IMPORTANCE
  • A committee lead for yard work
  • A committee lead for managing household repairs
  • Volunteers are needed to teach life skills such as cooking and gardening
  • Volunteers are needed to help with activities on Saturdays


  • New front door and south door off of dining room
  • Paint, decor, and maintenance items
  • Sofa or love seat
  • Tubs to store personal belongings
  • Sustainable landscaping plan and materials for the yard
  • Pavers for the sidewalk leading to the house
  • Once the garage structure is complete, we will need furnishings.
    • Folding tables
    • Stacking chairs
    • Furniture for private counseling/meditation area
    • Refrigerator & freezer w outside temp monitoring
    • Oven
    • Instant hot water heater


  • Gift for Sunflower Sisterhood Fund
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