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Welcome Tami – New Executive Director

Tami W. Raise My Head Foundation Executive DirectorWelcome, Tami. We are excited to share that Tami is joining our team as Executive Director at Raise My Head Foundation. She’s taking the helm after Pat Jones retired at the end of last year.

Tami is uniquely equipped for this role; She has an extensive background in health care. After serving as a Registered Nurse for 35 years, Tami then worked as a hospital nurse, developing programs for pregnant and parenting teens, working with grants, and managing different health offices such as Director of Nursing, Director of Programming, and case management.

Recently, Tami has focused on trauma-informed care and healing the effects of trauma. We believe it will serve her well as she oversees the Raise My Head Foundation’s two-year residential program, working with women survivors of human trafficking.

Tami values her faith in Jesus and spending time with her husband and daughter. She’s dedicated to healing and serving others and is excited to join this work!

Say hello to Tami at tamiw@raisemyhead.org.

Message from Tami…

One of the reasons I so strongly resonate with the work being done at

Raise My Head Foundation is because of my personal life motto:

“We embrace without judgment or bias the journey that has brought all whom we serve. Transform the broken into strength, compassion, love, acceptance, and growth. Lead them into the journey that lies ahead with the ability to succeed or to continue to grow from the challenge.”

I believe we can provide healing and restoration for women breaking free from sex trafficking through the efforts of our volunteers, donors, skincare customers, and staff because we genuinely believe that Love is Greater!