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You Can Make A Difference

The problem of sex trafficking and human trafficking can seem overwhelming. Devastating. Impossible to confront. But at Raise My Head Foundation, we believe that if you have a passion, a drive, to help women break free, then there is a place for you to help. From donating supplies to volunteering your time and talents to supporting us in your everyday purchases, we have a way for you to make a difference in the live of sex trafficking and human trafficking survivors.

No one person can do everything…but every person can do something. Click here to learn more about the ways you can get involved and change a woman’s life forever.

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Helping the Problem of Human Trafficking Sex Trafficking

Immediate Needs

We have immediate needs for volunteers, committee members, and physical goods.

Current Needs

Work Day Opportunities

We have volunteer needs for work days at the house (yard cleanup, Spring/Fall cleaning, contractor work, etc.)

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Your gifts and contributions cover food, housing, medical care, therapy, transportation, education, and job training for the Raise My Head residents.

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Let’s work together. Make a donation today.