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You Can Make A Difference

Making a difference in the lives of sex trafficked women requires a multi-faceted and compassionate approach.  Firstly, raising awareness about the issue is crucial, as it helps to break the silence and challenge societal stigmas surrounding sex trafficking.  Advocacy efforts can be directed towards implementing support and protection for survivors.  Additionally, supporting organizations and initiatives that provide comprehensive services to survivors is vital.  This includes providing safe shelters, counseling, healthcare, legal aid, and skill -building programs, all aimed at empowering survivors to regain control over their lives.  By combining these efforts, we can strive to create a world where the lives of sex trafficked women are protected, their voices are heard, and their path towards healing and empowerment is supported.

No one person can do everything…but every person can do something. Click here to learn more about the ways you can get involved and change a woman’s life forever.

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Helping the Problem of Human Trafficking Sex Trafficking

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We have immediate needs for Donations and Volunteers.

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We have volunteer needs for work days at the house (yard cleanup, Spring/Fall cleaning, contractor work, etc.)

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Your gifts and contributions cover food, housing, medical care, therapy, transportation, education, and job training for the Raise My Head survivors.

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